Gray Matters Annual Basket Raffle

Saturday, May 7th 2022

Join us in person at the Hilton Phoenix Resort at the Peak or participate online from the comfort of your home.

Donate a Basket


Build-A-Basket in honor or in memory of someone special and help share their Brain Buddie story. Or Build-A-Basket just for fun to show support for Gray Matters Foundation.


We have lots of Brain Buddie stories just waiting to be shared! Adopt-A-Basket and we will provide a Brain Buddie story, basket theme ideas and even a basket for those who want to participate but aren’t sure where to begin.

Contact Lanette at 623-205-6446 to learn more!

How to Participate

Join us In-Person

Join us Saturday May 7th, 2022 starting at 10AM MST at the Hilton Phoenix Resort at the Peak to check out all of the baskets and purchase your raffle tickets on-site. Raffle Drawing will begin at 2PM MST.

Hilton Phoenix Resort at the Peak
7677 N 16th St, Phoenix, AZ 85020


Join us Online

Participate from the comfort of your home! Browse baskets online, purchase raffle tickets, and then join us on Saturday, May 7th @ 2PM MST and watch as we pull raffle winners via live stream!

Sign-up for our Brain Buddie Newsletter to be notified when Basket viewing is ready and Raffle Ticket Sales go live!

Follow our Facebook Page


In the weeks leading up to the basket raffle, we will be posting details on our Facebook Page. If you are on Facebook, please follow the official Gray Matters Foundation Page for updates.

About Our Annual Basket Raffle


Heather Bristow 2019 Basket Raffle Winner

May is Brain Tumor Awareness Month and the perfect time to revive the Gray Matters Foundation Annual Basket Raffle! We will be back in person this year and are so excited to get to see all of our Brain Buddies face-to-face again! We hope that you can join us!

Our Basket Raffle is the highlight of our year and our biggest fundraiser. Sharing our Brain Buddie stories is the heart of our foundation. The purpose of the Basket Raffle is to tell those stories through baskets that are curated with a Brain Buddie in mind.

Some baskets are celebrations for survivors and are themed around activities they enjoy, like “Movie Nights” or “Family Game Night”. Others are built around some of the favorite things of a loved one who has passed, such as Lanette’s “Grandma Kirk’s Donut Basket”. Other baskets are just for fun from family, friends, or local businesses who wish to show their support for Gray Matters Foundation.

All of our baskets have a story and all are meaningful and full of love.

We hope that you will continue to support the Gray Matters Foundation by donating or adopting a basket and by participating in our event!



The "Fine Print"

*Basket Raffle Rules: Winners will be pulled on the day of the event. You do not have to be present or participate online during the live stream event in order to win. Winners will be contacted after the event with pick up details. Only Arizona residents are eligible to play. Basket Raffle ticket purchases are not a tax deductible donation.

*Health & Safety Guidelines: In-person event preparations are subject to change as necessary per CDC safe guidelines for gatherings and events as we do our best to keep all of our Brain Buddies safe. We will do our best to communicate any changes through Gray Matters Foundation website (this page), social accounts, email and other communication channels.