Sponsor a Basket

Each of our Raffle Baskets represent a brain cancer patient – a Brain Buddie. Our Baskets are a chance for Brain Buddies and their families to share their stories by building a basket that represents themselves or a loved one. These Baskets offer a tangible way for others to get to know those touched by brain cancer by showing who their are other than their diagnosis.

Sponsoring a basket is a great way for individuals or businesses to get involved and support the brain cancer community even if you don’t have a direct connection to the cause.

We have collected these wish lists from Brain Buddie families. You can sponsor a basket by purchasing items from the wish lists below. You do NOT have to purchase everything on the list - contribute what you can.

All purchased items will be shipped directly to Lanette for the Basket Raffle Team to put together. Please be sure to choose Gray Matters as the shipping option at checkout. Thank you for your support. 💜

Basket Assistance

For those families who are out of state, or need assistance building a basket to represent your special person - we would love to help. Together we can create a wish list of items for your basket. Sponsors can shop for items and all purchased items will be sent to the Gray Matters team who will put the basket together on your behalf!

Please contact Lanette for more information about joining our Sponsor a Basket program. 💜

In Honor of Steve Westerhoff

Steve is over 30 years surviving Medulablastoma . He loves a good joke, starbucks and castleburgers. Born in Chicago, he's a fan of all sports relating to the state. Here are just a few things that he enjoys.

In Honor of Jeromie Hernandez

Jeromie was diagnosed with Astrocytoma grade 2 in July 2018.  He is a fighter and survivor.

In Honor of Carol Schulz Stevens

These items will be used to create a basket in honor of all those using their brain. Our GMF Brain Buddies keeping their brain fit for the fight and having fun while on the journey!

In Honor of Keith Kerns

Items on the list will be used to create a basket in Honor of Keith who who has survived a Gemistocytic Astrocytoma since 2008. Each item is selected to help others get to know a little more about our Brain Buddie.

In Honor of David Rietz

David is one of our local Brain Buddies. Each of the items we chose helps give you a little insight into the things that he enjoys and what makes David, David. Once we receive the items we will make a basket so he is represented at the event. David is a survivor of Glioblastoma Brain Cancer.

In Honor of Jeff  Zimmerman

Items on the list will be used to create a basket in Honor of Jeff, for our Gray Matters Foundation Basket Raffle. Each item is selected to help others learn a little more about Jeff. The event helps spread awareness about Brain Tumors and the families touched by the disease.

In Honor of John VanWagner

In 1995 John had a benign meningioma removed. He is a 29 year Brain Tumor SURVIVOR: The items on this wish list are things he enjoys.

Let's Get Rolling - In Honor of Youth Survivors

We had a skateboard donated and are looking to add some accessories like a helmet (safety first), grip tape and wheel lights. A basket with everything a new skater needs to get rolling!

In Memory of Maria Sneen

This basket is made in memory of Maria Sneen. Maria survived 6 years with GBM. Her son Mick shares some of the things she liked: she loved to be outdoors, hiking or sitting by the pool. She enjoyed traveling, cooking and spending time with her family. Christmas was her favorite time of year. Her family inspired her to KEEP ON KEEPING ON. These are just a few of the things that made her so special.

In Memory of Nate Tomelin

This basket will be made in memory of Nate Tomlin. He battled GBM. We picked quality time with his kids as a theme. He loved his children. I remember when he and his wife attended our brain tumor support group and shared that they were expecting. Nate was so excited. He loved being outdoors with the kids. Making sure they experienced play. This basket theme is based on his love and time with his children.

In Memory of Sarah Hurst

Sarah Nicholson Hurst was a dear Brain Buddie  and survivor for over 25 years. In 2021 she died from the recurrence. We miss her terribly but she will never be forgotten.

In Memory of Charles "Coach" Butler

Coach Butler spent over 30 years as a high school coach in Oklahoma. He lived a victorious life throughout his days before and after his diagnosis of Glioblastoma Multiforme in 2004. He succumbed to a recurrence of GBM 17 years later on September 10, 2021.

In Memory of Todd Lockwood

Meet our missed but not forgotten sweet Brain Buddie Todd. His loving wife Barbara shares that he had many hobbies. He enjoyed skiing, golfing, running, biking, and swimming. He was a certified pet therapy team member and served as a high school football referee. His favorite band was ABBA. He loved ice cream. With all these Items our team will make sure he will have a basket at our event.

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