Basket Donation Deadline is Saturday April 2, 2022

How to Build-A-Basket

Sharing our Brain Buddie stories is the heart of our foundation. The purpose of the Basket Raffle is to tell those stories through baskets that are curated with a Brain Buddie in mind.

All of our baskets have a story and all are meaningful and full of love.


1. Choose your Basket Theme

Some baskets are celebrations for survivors and are themed around activities they enjoy, like “Movie Nights” or “Family Game Night”. Others are built around some of the favorite things of a loved one who has passed, such as Lanette’s “Grandma Kirk’s Donut Basket”. Other baskets are just for fun from family, friends, or local businesses who wish to show their support for Gray Matters Foundation.

Think about what you’d like your basket theme to be, then grab a basket, bucket, box, tote bag or other container (get creative!) to fill and get started!


2. Fill It Up

Fill your basket with NEW items that tell your story or reflect your theme. Be sure to include a photo fo your loved one!


3. Share your Story

Fill out our Basket Info Sheet with your story and list of ALL ITEMS included in the basket to help others know what goodies are waiting inside!


4. Schedule a Basket Drop off

Contact Lanette at 623-205-6446 to schedule a drop-off of your completed basket or swing by during our Basket Drop-Off Day on Saturday April 2, 2022. (Time and location details to follow.)

All completed baskets are due by Saturday April 2, 2022.

Basket Assistance

If you need help with building a basket for someone special, we would be happy to assist you in sharing your Brain Buddie story. Please contact Lanette at 623-205-6446 for more information about joining our NEW Adopt-A-Basket program.

Non-Bakset Items

If you would like to donate an individual item for raffle (such as a piece of artwork, sporting events tickets, hotel getaway, spa packages, etc) please contact Lanette at 623-205-6446 for details.

basket sample kids
basket sample memory
baskset sample italian
basket sample cars
basket sample memory 2

Need Inspiration? Check out some of these ideas!

Think outside of the basket. Your "basket" doesn't have to be a traditional basket. You can use a bucket, tote bag, serving bowl, ice chest, toolbox or other container that suits your theme.

Are you a business? Create a basket promoting your business or company. Include products or vouchers/giftcards for services.

Build a basket in honor or memory of a loved one. Think about something that they really loved to do and share it with others!

Some theme ideas are:
  • Ice Cream Social
  • Margarita Bar
  • Taco Night
  • Date Night
  • Board Game/Family Game Night
  • Dance the Night Away
  • Spa Day
  • Day at the Beach/Lake
  • Rainy Day
  • Movie Night
  • Coffee Lover
  • For the Baker
  • For the Gardener
  • For the Teacher
  • For the Crafter
  • For the Musician
  • For the Fisherman/Outdoorsman
  • Grill/BBQ
  • Pet Basket
  • Fitness Lover
  • Sports Fan
  • Book Worm
  • Cake/Cookie/Dessert Making
  • Girls Night In
  • "Treat yo Self"
  • Mani/Pedi
  • Wine Lover
  • Beer Lover/Homebrewer
  • Seasonal/Holiday Theme
    • "Fall"ing for You
    • Halloween
    • Christmas

Even more inspo!

Check out our Basket photo gallery for even more examples!

* You are welcome to share your stories and promote your business/organization, but please do not include solicitation material or ask for donations in your baskets.

basket sample Garden hose
basket sample tea time
basket sample kid chair
basket sample - Luck of the Irish -Heather Bristow
basket sample rainbow vodka