How to Fill out a Basket Info Sheet

Thank you for your interest in donating a Brain Buddie Basket for our Annual Basket Raffle! A Basket Info Sheet form is required for each raffle basket donation. If you are donating more than one basket please fill out a separate form for EACH basket.

How is this Information Used?

We use the info gathered in this form to create a printed Basket Sheet which will be attached to the outside your Basket donation and used to identify your Basket during the raffle. It lets others know who donated the basket, what goodies are waiting inside and of course, provides a way for them to read the story behind who the basket represents.

The form will be sent to us automatically upon completion and we will print and attach it to the outside of your basket.

What information is collected on the Basket Sheet form?

Let’s walk through the form together…

Basic Contact Details: We need some basic contact information so that we can contact you if we have any questions about your basket. This information is only for the Gray Matters Team use and will NOT be shared on the printed Basket Sheet that we attach to your basket (or anywhere else).

Basket Donated By: List all of the wonderful people who are donating this basket! This is YOU or your family, friends, coworkers, team, etc.

This Basket Represents: Name of the person(s) this basket is inspired by. Is this Basket in honor of a survivor or in memory someone who has passed? (Example: “In Honor of Lanette Veres”)

Brain Buddie Photo: We would love to be able to put a face with your story. Please upload a photo of the person your basket represents.

Basket Theme Name: Give your basket a unique name (Examples: “Kate’s Art Basket”, “Family Game Night”, “For the Love of Dogs”, “Garth’s Grillmaster Basket” etc) Get more Tips for Choosing a Basket Theme Here

Basket Contents: Please list ALL items in the basket (one item per line, please) and give details as needed. For example, if your basket contains any giftcards, please be sure to include what/where the giftcard is for and how much it is worth. This will be especially helpful after the basket is wrapped up and items can be harder to see beneath the packaging. If your basket is not yet finished,Ā please wait to fill out the form after all items have been collected.

Share your Brain Buddie Story: This is your opportunity to share your story or inspiration behind the basket. Tell us a little bit about the person you made the basket for and why you chose these items to represent them. We recommend keeping stories to about ONE page. It may also be easier to type up your story in a text editor or email and then copy/paste into the form. (Then you also have a copy just in case!) See some examples of Brain Buddie Stories we have received in previous years.

Can we share your Story? We want to share our Brain Buddie stories with as many people as possible to help raise awareness about brain cancer! Will you allow us to use any submitted photos and stories as part of our mission? This might include in places such as printed materials, slideshows projected at our event, blog posts on our website, social media posts, etc. *Your Brain Buddie Story will always be shared as a printout attached to your basket donation.

And that’s it! Pretty easy! We also ask that you wait to fill out your Basket Sheet until you have collected all of the items for your basket. That way we avoid duplicate entries and incomplete sheets as much as possible. Thanks so much for your help (and your basket)!

Are you ready? Let’s get started!