Think Outside of the Basket

A-tisket, a-tasket, think outside the basket! 🧺Your basket donation doesn’t have to be in a traditional “basket”. Think bags, buckets, bins, bowls, coolers, colanders, caboodles, hampers, toolboxes, wagons…ALL sorts of containers can be used to hold your goodies!

Think about what kind of items you plan on filling your “basket” with. Do you need something sturdy and durable to hold heavier items? Maybe a metal bucket, cloth hamper, toolbox or cooler would better suit your needs. Consider something that fits within your theme and see if you can use it as your basket!

Here are lots of ideas to get you started!

Totes & Bags

Tote bags are great options for packing towels, sunscreen, snacks and everything you need for a “Day at the Beach” basket. Fill a tote with a soft robe, shower slippers, lotion and essential oils for a “Spa Day” basket. A backpack or duffel bag filled with water bottles, sports drink mix, sweat towels, and a gym membership is perfect for a “Fab Fitness” basket. This “Coming up Daisies” backpack is packed with all sorts of daisy goodies because daisies were the favorite flower of the person this basket represents.

Bowls & Colanders

Food themed baskets make it easy to find containers that fit the theme! Try a large mixing bowl for a “Baking Up Fun” basket or a popcorn bowl for a “Movie Night” basket. Did your special person love Italian food? Fill a pretty colander up with pasta, sauces, seasonings and flavored oils for an “Italian Dinner Night” basket.

Bins & Buckets

Bins and buckets are great for heavier items or large quantities of items. Fill one up with your favorite toys and puzzles for a “Family Game Night” basket or sewing supplies for a “Sew Much Fun” basket. It also provides a place to store all of the items once someone takes them home!

This “Auto Spa” basket uses a wash bucket to hold all the goodies this car lover likes to use to wash his cars.

Toolboxes & Caboodles

Toolboxes make great containers for anything from fishing supplies for an “Avid Angler” basket to actual tools for a “Fixer Upper” basket. Fill a toolbox with paints, brushes and other art supplies for a “Budding Artist” basket. Makeup and nail polish can find a home in a caboodle for a “Hello Gorgeous” or “Nailed It” basket.

Coolers & Wagons

Was your special person a sports fan? Coolers and wagons make awesome containers! Fill them with all kinds of swag from their favorite sports team for a “Super Fan” or “Tailgating” basket! Wagons also make great options for an “Day at the Park” basket when filled with lawn games and picnic blankets. Add some camping supplies to a cooler for a “Outdoor Adventure” basket or fill with snacks and travel games for a “Family Road Trip” basket.

Hampers & Laundry Baskets

Hampers and laundry baskets might make you think of chores, but they are great options when you need a bigger basket! When filled with cozy blankets, books, reading lights and tea they make a lovely “Bookworm” basket. Fill with candles, essential oils, air diffusers, kitchen towels, and a few pretty decor items for a “Home Sweet Home” basket.

Anything Goes!

Anything goes…even a hose! Here are a few more fun “out of the basket” ideas!

“How Does Your Garden Grow” basket made of out a coiled hose.
“Summer Fun” basket on top of a kids lawn chair.
“Tennis Trainer” basket packed in the tennis ball caddy.

We hope this helped spark some ideas for your (not a) basket. Get creative and have fun!

If you need more help coming up with a theme that represents your special person, check out this post!

When you are all done putting your basket together, learn how to wrap it!