Example Basket Story: Janet Palacino

All of our basket donations have a Brain Buddie story behind them. This is an example of a real Raffle Basket that was previously donated for our fundraiser. Please use this example as a guide to help you understand what is meant when we ask for your “basket info sheet” or “basket story” or “Brain Buddie story”.


Basket Theme: Sewing Basket in Honor of Janet Palacino

Donated by: Michelle Palacino, Melinda Langdon
In Honor of: Janet Palacino
Basket Contents:
  • 3 Sewing Books/Magazines
  • Needlepoint canvases
  • Needlepoint kit
  • Crochet Needles
  • Long Pearlized Pins
  • 5 Skeins of Yarn
  • Small Seam Ripper
  • Sewing Starter Kit
  • Stress Relieving Gloves
  • Other miscellaneous items
Brain Buddie Story:

Last summer, the mother of Michelle Palacino, a beloved member of the Ivy Brain Tumor Center’s marketing team, was diagnosed with glioblastoma. This came as a complete shock to everyone. How could it be that the young woman whose job it was to share the stories of brain tumor patients and educate on the importance of research to find a cure, was now caring for a mother with the exact same rare disease? But that’s the reality of brain cancer, it can strike even the healthiest people without any warning.

Over the last eight months, Michelle and her mother, Janet, have demonstrated immeasurable strength and courage. As a token of our support, the Ivy Center’s marketing team built this basket in honor of Janet and her love for needlework. We hope that whoever wins this basket will use its contents as a creative outlet and find the same joy in it as Janet does.

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