Example Basket Story: Iris Kirk

All of our basket donations have a Brain Buddie story behind them. This is an example of a real Raffle Basket that was previously donated for our fundraiser. Please use this example as a guide to help you understand what is meant when we ask for your “basket info sheet” or “basket story” or “Brain Buddie story”.


Basket Theme: Grandma Kirk’s Donut Basket

Donated by: Lanette Veres
In Honor/In Memory of: My Grandma Iris Kirk
Basket Contents:
  • 2 donut picks
  • folder, notepad, stickers
  • Orange slices candy
  • donut puzzle
  • donut mix with skillet
  • donut water bottle
  • donut theme sun glasses
  • donut robe
  • donut salt and pepper shakers
  • donut keychains
  • donut scented hand soap
  • donut candle
  • donut drinking cups
  • earbuds with key chain
  • magnet
  • stuffed turtle with my grandmas name IRIS
Brain Buddie Story:

My Grandma was a baker for Winchells and I remember her always bringing home donuts from work for us kids. I chose to build a “Grandma Kirk’s Donut Basket” and fill it with tons of fun donut themed items. Her faith was also very important to her so there is a cross to represent that part of her. Her name was Iris and so I found a stuffed turtle with her name on it. There are also some of her favorite candies. Just little trinkets that remind me of her and in that way I can share her story (and our love of donuts) with others!

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