Secret Elf Sticker Surprise

Hi there, Brain Buddies! Christmas came early this week when a routine stop at the post office turned into a SUPER surprise!!

I had popped in to check my P.O. Box and the Post Office attendant asked me to come to the back room because they had some packages for me. I was expecting a few packages so I just assumed he had them ready to go in a crate.

Oh boy was I in for a shock. SURPRISE!! There were FOUR full sized canvas mail sorter bins chock FULL of packages. At first I thought there must be some mistake, I didn’t order this many things! The mail carrier chuckled as he helped me load my car. I’m surprised everything fit! Barely.

I drove home, still a little overcome with shock, and unloaded my cargo onto the living room floor. There were 69 packages!!

I opened the first package, still unsure if all of this was meant for me. Can you guess what was inside? STICKERS!!

Yup! These packages were totally mine, but where on Earth did they come from?! There was no return address (just the addresses for some fulfillment centers) and no message on the packing slip. I hopped on Facebook Stories to open a few more Live for my Brain Buddies to see if I could solve this mystery!

My heart was bursting with excitement and gratitude as I opened more packages full of stickers, tattoos and small toys. I could not believe this was happening! I was overcome with joy from this outpouring of love and generosity. So many wonderful treats for me to share with my Brain Buddies and patients!!

Look at that! Isn’t that just CRAZY!!? I still can’t believe it’s real! What’s really amazing is that I had spent much of the summer cleaning out and reorganizing my office to create space for new things. All to make putting together my notes and packages a little more efficient. Now my shelves will be full to the brim! That’s serendipity for you. I’m feeling the love!!

A few more packages have rolled in over the weekend, and I still have NO IDEA where all of them came from. This had to be a coordinated effort as I could tell that many of “Santa’s helpers” were involved in pulling off such a feat.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU ALL!! You have no idea how much this means to me. If anyone knows who my “Secret Eleves” might be, please let me know! I would love to be able to thank them in person.

What a wonderful early Christmas present! Your generosity will brighten the lives of many Buddies and patients over the coming year! You guys are truly AMAZING! So much love and thanks to you all!

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