What are Brain Buddies?

Brain Buddies are the official support force for the GrayMatters Foundation. Brain Buddies are people impacted by brain tumors as patients, caregivers, family and friends, and people who may not have a direct connection but want to be involved in the fight against brain tumors.

We’ve created the Brain Buddies group to provide encouragement and support to those who need it and to bring a little light and happiness into people’s lives.


Everyone is invited to join the Brain Buddies! When you do we’ll ask you to tell us about yourself so that we can provide the best information to fit your needs. Brain Buddies also get special notices about events, updated news and announcements, and more!

We encourage caregivers to become Brain Buddies so we can continue to stay in touch with you to support your work and so that we have a contact if a patient is unable to communicate with us and our assistance is needed.

For brain tumor patients, you have the option of telling us about your diagnosis. If you give us permission we will be able to contact you. Our Brain Buddie list is one of the sources we use when sending our special gifts and cards to support brain tumor patients. For more information about our privacy policy and gift program, see our FAQ’s page.

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Our Brain Buddies want you to know that we think brain tumors STINK!! Here they are in action!

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