Thomas P McAlvanah

This is Thomas P McAlvanah City Attorney for the City of Zephyrhills. This was 16 years ago before falling victim to #GBM I only met him through his wife Kris one of my best friends in the #braintumor community These tumors don’t discriminate they are brutal even to the brilliant. Through this tragedy, we have chosen to find beauty. Kris is one of a kind. She was an example for me. I learned you can make the pain have a purpose. It does not come without cost and she chose to give back and be a voice. She became her husband’s voice. She was the president of the brain tumor coalition in the early 2000s and paved the way for the whole movement of Head to the Hill. She started the #hiddenunderourhats project that traveled all over the USA and to DC each year in May. That was gifted to The Gray Matters Foundation a few years ago. It is official we have the © and it is protected stay tuned for exciting new things in store. Thomas will forever be loved and known for being powerful in the courtroom and he is the catalyst to strength for a cause that needs awareness and a cure. Today we remember Thomas P McAlvanah and he is a reason we will continue to be a voice always!