Keeping Record

If you have followed my journey, or if I have visited you on your journey you know I am an advocate for keeping your records. Having your medical information within reach is vital. I suggest creating 2 books one for you and a backup for a caregiver. Maintaining medical records makes it easier to provide the doctors information quickly. I’m also learning that when you outlive the length of time Docs are required to store medical records it’s helpful to have copies ( even with the new virtual world) . Almost 20 years out I am now experiencing doctor retirements and or the young ones moving up and on. New doctor relationships can be scary and a bumpy transition without your history. Having your records can help with the fear factor. How my records helped me. I learned this year my prescription benefits would be changing in 2018. I was reassured the meds coverage would stay the same. I participated in the Q & A calls and the in-person meetings to learn nope one of the seizure meds I have taken for over 10 years would no longer be covered. I was instructed to submit an exception request ( I was so nervous about this because I have tried numerous seizure meds this and one other work the best). My original neurologist is no longer in private practice and she was always so good at handling this type of stuff. I know had to do it alone. I reached out to my GP who has been part of my care for over 30 years. He suggested I create a list. I try to think back what drugs I had taken when what happened etc. Well, I can do better than just think I can refer to the records. I pulled my binders when I got home and went to work. I had records from day one listing what drugs, what the doctor recommended all of it. I had what date they recommended the seizure surgery so I could get off the cocktail of drugs that were not working. All this RECORD KEEPING to say I got the call my letter to request an exception was approved. The Formulary drug that costs 12,500 every 90 days was approved ( don’t get me started on the insane cost of the drug). My Christmas Miracle for sure. I believe that without the records I would not have been as successful. (prayer helped) My records are now scanned and on a flash drive but I am so grateful I took my own medicine. KEEP THOSE RECORDS

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