Stinky monkey feet

. My car has a leak UGH! Arrived at dealership checked in and started my wait. My “IF ONLY FOR ONE” begins. I see this little boy who I now know is Max. He was hanging out with his mom and her boyfriend. The room is large but filled with lots of customers ready to take on a day of waiting. Max had a small helicopter drone. It was a disaster waiting to happen because he was flying it way to close to the others in the room. I figured I would keep him close so I didn’t get bonked. I start a conversation with Max. No JOKE! My first 5 minutes I learned his name and that he didn’t like his school so he brought a knife in hopes to get kicked out. His mission accomplished and he said he even told the principal he wanted to get kicked out. Yes, he is only SEVEN! His mom went on to say, Max did you tell her what school you go to now?
Max: “I go to a school where the kids are like me” I have a kindergarten educational level but I test at Highschool level Math.
Me: Really? Tell me more good stuff.
Max: I didn’t like that school so I like getting kicked out. me: that’s the best you got dude? No good stories? Me: Well Max, I had a brain tumor and I like telling kids how I survived doctors taking out a tumor that was really big.
Max: How big Me: a baseball size: Max mooooooommmmmmmmm she had a brain tumor to! he turns to me So did I. Mom turns and says it was benign. Max: how big mom? Mom: a golf ball.
Me: Max see there is your good! You need to start telling the story of how you are a survivor. Mom: well he has a seizure disorder
Me: I am treated for seizures also
Max: HIS EYES ARE OPEN WIDE mom did you hear her she knows!
Max: do you taste or smell stuff. Me: Oh Max I used to smell dirty feet it was yucky. max: Mom Mom Mom she knows she knows tell her
MOM: Max always tells us he smells MONKEY FEET. We don’t know what that means.
Max: Do you smell that?
Me: Oh, max it’s a YUCKY! SMELL Max: and and do you (he touches his lips and) do you taste funny tastes?
Me: yep I taste and smell yucky stuff when those things happen.
Me: Max! you need to start telling all your friends how awesome you are. Start focusing on all the amazing things you are able to do even after brain surgery. Oh my goodness, Max every day I tell people if I can make at least one new friend then I have done something good. ( I pulled out my brochure and showed him my turtle and why she sticks out her tongue because of the yucky smells, scan etc and most importantly the heart on the back) See this heart it says IF ONLY FOR ONE! Today Max you are my one! I was supposed to meet you. You are my brain buddie. Here is the deal you start talking about good things you do NOT what you can’t do. DEAL?
Max: Deal
The crazy part the family arrived just before me . If I would have dropped my car off earlier I would have never met them. Just as I finished chatting with Max My service guy called my name. Bye Bye Max!

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