Today I celebrate 7300 days since my very first brain surgery ( I have had 5)! I have had some amazing days and my share of not so amazing days. The most important take away is I was given days others with brain cancer did not get. I don’t take that for granted.   So today my 20th Sept 2nd since 1998,  I continue to be forever grateful I am alive.  I am thankful for so many things, here are a few.  First Thank you God for showing me how to take my pain and make it my purpose.  My Micheal – My ONE! He has been my constant. My family ( By blood & by marriage)  you know who you are, the ones who have never wavered.  Life is not easy but love prevails. My friends true friends are a gift and illness will without a doubt show you who those true friends are.   I am grateful for all the brain buddies I have met along the way.  Thankful for: GrayMattersFoundation, Brain Tumor Support group ( it has allowed me to bless and be blessed) All the staff & care from St Joes.  I am grateful for the things many take for granted until you live the brain tumor journey.  I walk and talk.  I do struggle with short-term memory issues but with routine, I have been able to create a system to overcome and create a NEW ME.  I could go on and on with lists of things many take for granted.  I will close with a simple Thank you for joining me on my journey. If you are reading this you make a difference and I appreciate you.  Dr. Carrie Walters my Neurosurgeon Thank you!  I am forever grateful for saving my life.  Thank you for your dedication to your career.


  1. Lisa Bukkhegyi on January 4, 2019 at 3:49 pm

    Hi Lannette,
    I am also a 20 year survivor! I was diagnosed 9/12/98. Had my surgery 9/26/98. I think I met you years ago at a FL BT conference. These days I’m have a real struggle with what my drs think is delayed side effects from radiation. My walking ability is affected as well as my left arm/ hand. But like you I am so grateful to be a survivor! And love all the years that I never thought I’d see. I was able to raise my daughters to young adults. And have had a nice quality of life up until only recently. I’m trying to learn how to be who I am with my deficits. Have you had anything remotely similar?

    • Lanette on July 5, 2019 at 11:49 am

      Lisa I think this is wonderful! We are true brain buddie survivors! 10 days apart. remind me of your tumor type?