Happy Heart’s Day

Happy Hearts Day Brain Buddies!

February 14th represents a day of love and I always loved making it a special day for my kids growing up with little notes and fun activities.

I feel like everyone celebrates Christmas or Hanukkah or the New Year but no one really, I mean really celebrates “Happy Hearts Day!”. To most it’s just a sappy day to celebrate (or lament one’s lack of) a relationship.

After going through my brain tumor journey, it showed me how much more I needed to focus on making sure EVERYONE felt loved. So I use this day to show my appreciation to those who have impacted my life and really do it up! Plus I LOVE the hearts, cupcakes, flowers and all the silly, sparkly stuff that comes with it! It just makes my HEART HAPPY.

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During the Valentine’s season I help to share the love with the many talented doctors, caregivers and staff at my local facilities. It started with sending notes and cards and has progressed into delivering care packages in person.

After officially becoming a 501c3 I am able to really take the time to share appreciation and love whether it be with those near to me, who help me get through the day to day, or with brain buddies all around the world!

Sometimes it might just be a random act of caring such as giving a little pocket heart or card to someone who served me at the coffee shop. Or to someone who looks like they could use a reminder that someone cares and appreciates them, like local grocery store clerk who hast to put up with busy and sometimes cranky customers all day.

There have been times when this small act of kindness, caused people to break down and share a story that touches my hearts and I know that they were my ONE. They were the reason I was there that day.

Valentine's Day Photobooth

Sharing love through kindness allows my story to keep being told and spreads brain tumor awareness. My continued survivorship has given GREATER gratitude, rather than a bitter outlook, for what I have to offer in this life.

Use this Valentine’s Day to share the love with those around you and as a reminder to live with gratitude and kindness in your heart. Share your kindness story with us!


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