IF ONLY FOR ONE : Was it a…. U-turn or an unspoken command YOU! TURN

I was on the way home from something I had to do and really had no set start or finish it just was what it was.  So when I was finished I contemplated another task grocery shopping  and decided EHH ok better get it done.  In the process of driving & I have driven this road a 100 times but this time noticed a storage facility. I need to get a quote and have needed to do this for months.  MY quick 30 second  choice….a back and forth thought and UGH I thought  just do it get it out of the way get the prices.  So I actually had to make a u turn to go back and that is how the story started.  I walk in and ask about some prices and the man says to me  “the better way to help me is to tell him what I was planning on storing”  Hard to do because my grandma’s house has no method to it’s madness.  Well I said can we go look at 3 of the sizes.  SURE he says  & it was when I took the tour it happened.  The property manager was showing me the rooms and giving me numbers & prices & I politely shared “you can tell me all that but I won’t remember a thing until you write it down. ”  My short term memory is VERY BAD because & I shared my short story I’m a brain cancer survivor 5 surgeries chemo rad ( blah blah).  BAM! his head whipped around & said”The Lord sent you here today.” I smiled he said no really.  I told you my wife & I are the property managers & she is out of town  well she is gone because our grandson 15 has just had surgery and told he has brain cancer & it’s not good.  Of course if your reading this you know the story This family was my ONE!    I went out to my RAV & grabbed some info & goodies.  I told him DON’T loose hope & how he was my ONE today! Today I think I was told to turn  It was not a  U TURN it was a  YOU TURN”!