IF ONLY FOR ONE (simple stories of how each day sharing a simple act of kindness makes a difference)

I have some catching up.  Last week at my quarterly  oncology appt.  and scan review I was running a few minutes behind and so the story goes.  Scan was unchanged and stable.  YES!  Happy Dance.  I was leaving my appt. and I see a girl in the waiting room with a BRAIN CANCER stinks shirt on  doing what I do I get the internal nudge…  I introduce myself and start to share about group. When she looks up I realize I have met her before. She says ummm Lanette right. Her head bowed  She shares she has a reoccurrence and is undergoing treatment. I hug her and my heart breaks I offer my support and even going with to the next step radiation.  We only chatted for 2minutes and her name was called.  I turned to leave and I see this  a lady with the look.  You know the I really want to say something but wasn’t to sure.  I smiled and she smiled and she did it YIPPIE.  I m sorry but  I heard you mention a support group.  Well you get the story.  She shares she has a GBM they lost their home and insurance and would love to meet others dealing with this journey. I talk I share I try to encourage.    The more I talk I see a ray of hope in their eyes.  It’s as though a small candle is lit.  The husband tells his story of how he lost his job they are  just hang on until he turns retirement age and medicare kicks in soon. LIFE IS HARD.  He is ready to break.  He says he just doesn’t know how much longer he can manage.  I listen we talk and they are called.   So now my one became two.     Advance a couple days later…. my Grandma has to be taken to the ER for some health concerns she is admitted. The admitting nurse her uncle just died from a brain tumor.  I do what I do and listen ask questions if it is appropriate and it was.   She wanted my info and we are now brain buddies.  Now G-ma is in her room and well  Of course if you are transparent and share your life when asked well people tell you their stories also.  Yep phase two   her nurse 3rd nurse shares his wife HAS  a brain tumor.  She is a nurse and says she wants no treatment it’s not malignant so leave it alone. She says she knows what tumors do and well everyone has to go so if this is her time well she’s a nurse and she has seen the really bad and well leave it. I say well everyone has to do what they got to do and if that is what she wants good for her.  Not what I would do but hey FREEDOM TO CHOOSE!  I shared I gave my card and he smiled.  He asked if she was willing to contact me would that be ok.  OF COURSE.  So very different stories but I did what I was supposed to do.  I listened.   If I wouldn’t have talked about my story I would’nt  have been able to help him smile and give him a story of hope to share.  You never know.    I was one!  Lastly two days later my grandma is released I take her back to the assisted living and have to fill her scripts.  The pharmacy I have to go to is not close  UGH!  should I go or wait  what to do.   I go and decide to drop it off and head to a nearby store to get a few things I need to pick up  I am exhausted and figured I would capitalize on the time since the past few days were not what I planned.  Well when checking out  the cashier commented on my purchase what a cute purchase.  I shared “Oh it’s a gift for a person who helped my non profit. ”  hmmm  non profit?  yadda yadda.   And… She shared her little brother died at six they couldn’t do much for him.   I told her how sorry I was gave her my card .  I told her  I did not know you or your family then but I do now  and I promise to be a voice.  Your BRO will be remembered  NOT FORGOTTEN.  She is to send me his name and I will add him to the many reasons I do what I do.   He is one & HE will not be forgotten.  He is one! that I will stand for because he can’t.  If only for one  I did my part for another day.