IF ONLY FOR ONE I talk the talk and walk the walk

If you know me just a little or read my casual chatter you know I attempt to walk each day in an effort to keep clarity & physical well being in my life.  It get’s to be a tricky balance in the AZ heat but Im still managing to average 5 miles a day with a 7 mile target in mind.  One might think in the middle of the desert  “BRAIN TUMORS”?  So go with me on my WALK for a minute:   I am all alone walking, self talking my plans and agenda etc.   You know minding my own business SWEATING !! drinking lot’s of water but enjoying my walk.  So visualize  I live out rural lot’s of DIRT, CACTUS and  homes with acre lot’s etc ( occasional coyotes LOTS of rabbits and lizards) parts of the area are paved some are not  yadda yadda.  So this particular day I was just getting in the grove when I see this little truck coming my way and a hand waiving out the window as it  pulls up next to me.  It’s my neighbor  she tells me how she really wants to start walking and someday she will get out here with me LOL  We laugh because she touched my shirt and its soaked  only because I wet my white long sleeve shirt before I leave and she thought I was sweating HA HA  and I don’t even get a mile and it will be dry.   She says; I stopped because you have your foundation stuff & I know you help kids and all with tumors but I wanted to see if you could help encourage an adult.   ME : I help all families.   Most people think it is just kids because it’s fun.    We try to bring a light hearted look to a serious subject.  I know from personal exp when dealing with BT you have plenty of time to HAVE to be serious so.  We encourage ALL AGES.   She proceeds ”  I met this lady at our vacation bible school group and she has a brain tumor.  She is a young mom  I told her about you and I was hoping???  Well I was hoping you could give her some support.??  ME:  Perfect timing  group is this week I will contact her and we will help her not feel alone.   neighbor:  COOL!  I was hoping you would be able to call her.              So BT buddies   when you talk the talk  and learn to WALK THE WALK   people will come!   Brain Tumor Awareness it happens when you least expect it.   When your a voice for BT awareness like me  it will happen in the dry barren desserts of AZ.   I should never be surprised about my if only for ones! and where they take place.  I will live with anticipation for my next ONE