Bright and Cheerful: Gray Matters Foundation Launches New Home on the Web

GLENDALE, AZ – (September 24) – The Gray Matters Foundation, the Arizona-based nonprofit organization dedicated to the support and encouragement of brain tumor patients and their loved ones through personal outreach and contact, announced today the launch of its newly designed website at

Lanette Veres, President of the Foundation and a 10-year brain tumor survivor, made the announcement. “The Gray Matters Foundation is about support and not statistics,” she said, “We strive to bring a smile and spread joy to the patient, family member or loved one who faces the challenge of their disease and we wanted our new website to reflect our mission with bright colors and cheerful images.”

Veres was a single mother of two in 1998 when her doctor gave her the news: her fatigue and headaches were caused by a large tumor in her brain. She now had to learn and understand these words – Anaplastic Oligodendroglioma – and face what would be a total of five surgeries.
Following her diagnosis and treatment, Veres began to reach out to help other brain tumor patients with gifts and cards that carried a personal and special touch. Her work and the number of patients she helped grew and was formalized as the Gray Matters Foundation, now a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

The Gray Matters Foundation’s slogan – that brain tumors stink – is clearly reflected in the Gray Matters turtle, with a brain-like shell and tongue sticking out.

“Every child knows what to do when they don’t like something: they stick out their tongue,” Veres explained. “Oh sure, mom may not like it but it says it all. So at the Gray Matters Foundation we let our mascot turtle show the world what we think of brain tumors. We think….they stink!”

About Gray Matters Foundation
The Gray Matters Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization based in Glendale, Arizona. Its mission is to spread kindness and encouragement to brighten the lives and outlook of brain tumor patients and their families through personal contact and support. The Foundation will empower people impacted by brain tumors through outreach, awareness and personal assistance programs, and will educate through raising public awareness of brain cancer. Information about the Foundation and its work, as well as how to volunteer or donate funds and supplies, is available at the site and by email at