When you listen do you hear?

This IF ONLY FOR ONE  took place Friday Jan. 29 2016.  I had a pretty busy morning starting with a meeting at BNI .  I always try to maximize my time when at the hospital,  today  wasn’t any different.  I was able to visit #babycarsonsdaddy, great news he is moved back to a regular room in hopes of REHAB soon.  I then stopped in the surgery waiting room and was able to encourage several families.  One lady who’s husband was in surgery for a tumor like what I had just cried when she heard my story.  She said “there is hope? .”  We hugged and I told her about group.  I reassured her that they are not ALONE!   Here is the part I am so glad I didn’t miss.  I left the hospital and on to run some errands. I had to return something and while working with the cashier of course BRAIN TUMORS worked its way in the conversation.  SURPRISED right?  The cashier then says to me I’m glad you are surviving I have a friend who is not.  I of course expressed my sorrow.  She quickly spoke softly and said ” I don’t talk about that here”.   I understand.  As I started to walk away she walked along side and said I just don’t talk about it when others are near because she used to work here.  So does  your friend live local?   Yes She is in hospice.  She was an amazing person.   I asked her name.  I almost fell over  she told me the friend and her husband names and that the husband is caring for her.  They are my brain buddies.   The husbands name is not common so we were positive it was them.   I then told her I have at home sitting on my counter a list with their name to call as soon as I get home.  They were not at group and I have not seen them for awhile and was concerned.   I told her I didn’t want her to think I was crazy let me pull them up on my contacts.  I asked her if she would verify the last two digits of their number.  ” YEP”!!!!  I called and the husband was so happy.  He said he had showed to group NOV & DEC and he didn’t know we didn’t meet but met with the chaplain instead.  While on the phone I could hear him tell his wife  “The lady who teaches class is calling she remembered us.”  It was so sweet.  I confirmed it was ok for me to visit and  I went to hospice that night a few hours later.  The cashier and I met at the Hospice and we still just shake our heads on how things happen for a reason.  The important part to mention is it was while I was shopping The cashier was putting stuff away.  In passing we exchanged a smile and a hello.  It was because of her kindness I choose her register when it was time to handle my transaction.  I could have gone to any number of registers but it was the smile the simple hello , her kindness that drew me to her.   If we stay aware of our surroundings. If we  listen we just might hear and if we hear it’s up to us what to do next.  It’s a bitter sweet walk that I walk but I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else than encouraging my brain buddies EVERY step of the way